Robert VerheyIn Memoriam

    1943 – 2018


    With great sadness and enduring respect, we announce the death of our cherished board member, Robert “Bob” Verhey. Bob died peacefully on September 8, 2018, in Santa Ynez, California. He was 75.

    Bob earned a BA in Economics from Duke University and got his MBA from Dartmouth College. Bob grew to become a corporate leader, entrepreneur, business coach and professor. He started at Xerox in New York, joined Memorex in LA, and ran finance for Fiberboard Corporation San Francisco in the 70s. In the decades to follow, he launched numerous companies in a variety of industries in San Francisco, Hilton Head Island, SC and Alexandria, VA. Bob eventually became an expert in healthcare and veterans affairs. He was Director of Strategic Planning at the American Red Cross and launched and managed numerous non-profit companies for veterans. In his later years, Bob moved to Santa Barbara and eventually Santa Ynez where he was primarily a business coach for many start-up companies and individuals. He also taught business and communications at Georgia Southern and University of California Santa Barbara.

    Bob was an integral part of the MIT Enterprise Forum board and contributed to four full seasons — 36 engaging programs that brought his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship to our community. Bob was such a positive and passionate influence on our board. We will always remember his consistent words of encouragement and sage advice.

    In honor of Bob’s commitment or our veterans and his devotion to community, the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast has made a donation in his name to Team Rubicon USA. Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. You may donate here.


    Bob Verhey had a wealth of successes and accomplishments in Entrepreneurial and Corporate businesses, and specialized in achieving entrepreneurial and executive team excellence in the management of strategic development and the leadership of organizations to greatness.  Bob brought twenty-five years of entrepreneur experience and had successfully launched and managed five new ventures in Silicon Valley as CEO in healthcare, high technology and telecommunications.  Each was Venture Capital financed with market values approximating $100 million and acquisition as the liquidating event.  Other entrepreneur ventures launched by Mr. Verhey included medical devices for blood chemistry and mammography, Northstar Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe, facsimile and e-mail technologies, managed care, cellular therapy, diabetes self-management, the management of soft-investments, and the new sciences of learning for educating middle-school students.

    Bob also brought fifteen years of corporate experience where he successfully managed new technology and healthcare ventures, CFO and COO responsibilities, strategic planning, manufacturing operations, and mergers and divestments. Bob has mentored entrepreneurs and coached executive teams to a) aggressively manage change and explosive growth, b) effectively lead the creation, development and implementation of innovative new concepts, products and services, and c) accomplish their missions, support their values and realize their goals.  Having experienced a successful career as an operating entrepreneur and executive, Bob chose to guide others so they may also succeed.

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