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    Leslie Edwards, PhD, is the Director of Corporate Business Development for the College of Engineering and Math Life and Physical Sciences at UC Santa Barbara. Leslie provides corporations with insightful access to campus faculty, students, strategic planning for heightened corporate visibility, and other key tools for success between industry and the university. She has an extensive background in relationship building between UC Santa Barbara and corporations. Before coming to UC Santa Barbara, Leslie spent a decade working in the biotech industry and has experience with corporate research, product development, and management. She has been the Manager of division pharmacology and toxicology at a biophysics company, Miravant, worked at Amgen as an Associate Scientist when there were less than 130 employees, and as a consultant in the field of regulatory toxicology. In addition, Leslie has an extensive background in university education/teaching, program development, and research knowledge. She worked both within the sciences (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology) as a lecturer and academic coordinator, for the inter-disciplinary program between the sciences and engineering (Biomolecular Science and Engineering) as an academic coordinator, for the College of Engineering, as a Assistant Dean of Development who emphasized corporate relations, and as the Manager of the Technology Management Program. In addition, Leslie continues to teach courses on developing FDA approved therapeutics within the biotechnology industry.

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