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    Andrew’s professional experience as a business strategist and advisor spans nearly four decades.  He is a recognized expert in the practices, strategies, and technologies employed by leading energy generators, distributors, retailers as well as other infrastructure and environmental related concerns.  As a partner with Deloitte LLP for nearly thirty years, Andrew was influential in growing the firm to its present position as the world’s largest management consulting organization.

    Andrew began his career in the mid-1970’s developing public-private-partnerships driving innovation in energy efficiency.  His accomplishments were recognized by President Carter in 1979 with an appointment as Special Advisor to the US Department of Energy (USDOE) in Washington, D.C.   His work with USDOE led to independent consulting.   During this time, he performed due diligence for investors, worked with various inventors and co-developed a new business model, known as a micro-utility, to accelerate the adoption of solar technologies.   The lessons learned from the success of this model became the genesis of strategies widely used today, such as net metering and small-scale distributed energy generation which helped to accelerate the adoption of other emerging energy technologies.  Andrew continued to work independently for a number of years, further expanding his expertise in solar, wind, hydro, co-generation and biomass.

    Having demonstrated his ability to work successfully with a wide-range of specialists and business leaders, and with his knowledge of leading practices and technologies employed in the energy and infrastructure industries, Andrew went on to a highly successful career with Deloitte LLP where he worked with market leading companies on every continent.  These included oil and gas super majors such as BP and Chevron; multi-national electric and gas companies, such as National Grid, Pacific Corp and Scottish Power; industrial concerns, such as Con Agra and Boeing; automotive companies, such as Ford Motor Company; renewable energy companies, such as LUZ; and regulated utilities, such as Consolidated Edison, Southern California Gas Company, SCE, SDG&E, Texas Utilities; as well as many other companies.   A few examples of the challenges undertaken include: accelerating electric vehicle adoption, refining logistics for international oil networks, mitigating risks associated with catastrophic engineering failures, improving operations of utility-scale solar power generation, advancing small-scale distributed energy generation, demonstrating the benefits of  electrical smart grids, improving performance and financial reporting, implementing enterprise-wide information systems, accelerating the adoption of transformational technologies and associated business processes  (among others).

    Andrew is now engaged with establishing and scaling business ventures, supporting inventors, and working with investors active in clean-tech, energy and sustainability.  He also contributes his experience to promote entrepreneurship and education as agents for change in resolving the most pressing environmental challenges we face, such as global climate change and the energy/water nexus.  In this regard, he contributes as a mentor to graduate students at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

    Andrew earned a BA from Evergreen State College and is a graduate of the Anderson School of Management at UCLA where he earned his MBA.  He happily calls Santa Barbara, California home with his wife Elena and their two grown sons.

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