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Doing Well & Doing Good: Exploring Social Impact Investing

Doing Well & Doing Good: Exploring Social Impact Investing

Wed., Nov. 14, 2018
Rockwood, Santa Barbara Woman's Club
Santa Barbara, CA

Desired impacts can take many forms, ranging from providing a channel for fair trade goods produced in economically distressed geographies to solving significant environmental problems or addressing inefficiencies and inequalities in education, healthcare and food. Investors also can be diverse, ranging from family offices to specialty funds, to individuals. The panel discussion will consider how investors and companies have come together to realize desired outcomes for mutual benefit. Doing well and doing good, a viable combination for shared success.



eGames, eLeagues, & the Economics of Mass Spectator esports: This is Not Your Father’s NFL

“esports” has become the prevalent term used to describe the international community of organized, competitive video gaming that is rapidly exceeding all expectations, with increasing participation, viewership, and mass appeal around the globe.

Until recently, esport industry growth had been a bottoms-up, viral phenomenon. But now, the emergence of finely-tuned league structures centered around specific games, has helped solidify a growing business ecosystem that has attracted significant investment.

High-profile players from the technology and media industries, as well as traditional sports franchises, including Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, NBC, Time Warner, the Philadelphia 76ers, and New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, have deployed capital.

The list does not end there, and is expanding daily with other well-known first-movers looking to ride the wave of exceptional growth in the esports arena.

On October 17th, 2018, we examined the historical backdrop of competitive video gaming and esports as a broadcast media phenomenon; game design and other factors driving the exceptional user/enthusiast growth dynamics; investor interest, and the evolution of monetization models.

This panel was moderated by Rick Tico, JP Morgan Chase & Co.


How Technology is Transforming the Way Real Estate is Bought & Sold

Imagine being able to borrow funds and buy and sell real estate virtually, all from your computer or mobile device, and having full control and transparency into the process.  Will technology ultimately replace humans in real estate transactions?

The processes surrounding real estate transactions have long been managed by legacy systems and human interaction.  It is not until the last few years that innovation and technology have really started to transform how real estate is bought and sold.  With these technological advances, existing processes will change and the impact will be felt by all involved, including homeowners, investors, agents and brokers.

We were joined by a panel of industry experts who discussed innovation in real estate transactions and its impact on the industry and its participants.

On Wednesday, September 19, we were accompanied by industry experts from Home Bay, a platform for buying and selling homes without a listing agent; CREXi, a commercial real estate exchange; StreamLoan, a digital mortgage platform; and Village Properties, a leading real estate brokerage with over 20 years of experience representing buyers and sellers.

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