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Wed., November 20, 2019
Rockwood, Santa Barbara Woman's Club
Santa Barbara, CA

What are innovative companies doing about perceptions of gender? Are there business opportunities of gender that is not binary, and not even spectral? Where is the Central Coast in the national debate?

The MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast has assembled a panel of local experts from academia and industry to discuss their perspectives on these important issues.


PAST EVENT: October 16, 2019

Identity: The Role of AI in Nonprofit Fundraising

AI holds the potential to solve many of these issues helping lowering the cost of finding individuals who are likely to support the nonprofit organization and to intelligently manage the daily activity of fundraisers. We learned about the role of AI and how it can play in helping your nonprofit raise the financial resources it needs to fund your organization.

PAST EVENT: September 18, 2019

Identity: How Do You Know It’s Me? And, Can You Trust Me?

Almost all of us are conducting transactions and accessing private data of some kind online.  And in order to do so we must have a way to prove our identity and authenticate ourselves.

But who are we?

We discussed the concept of Identity in the digital world and how it impacts each and every one of us.

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