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CyberSecurity - 5th Generation Threats: What We Know; Should Know; & Don't Know

CyberSecurity - 5th Generation Threats: What We Know; Should Know; & Don't Know

Wed., April 17, 2019
Rockwood, Santa Barbara Woman's Club
Santa Barbara, CA

Cyber threats capable of massive economic and social disruption are poorly understood and vastly underestimated. Cybersecurity is a continuing arms race. This panel/presentation will review the state of the art in cyber threats, security, and both offensive and defensive cybertactics.

Cyber attacks continue to evolve. As they become more advanced and more sophisticated, government and business must stay ahead of cyberspies and criminals to ensure they remain protected – no matter what threats the future will bring. We are facing the 5th generation of attacks, but most businesses only have 2nd or 3rd generation security. Join us to learn more.



Robots Are Taking Over

From Space to Inside Your Home & Everything in Between

It’s undisputed that autonomous technologies are advancing across the globe faster than ever before. Join us for an evening of lively discussion exploring smart technologies, intelligent machines and autonomous robots. We will dive into topics including, which industries and countries are making the biggest impact, the societal myths and functional safety of what exists today and what is coming next and how the military, industrial companies and even your living room will continue to see changes.


Tech Acquisitions

Digital Strategies For Corporations & Exit Strategies For Startups

Traditionally, companies have acquired other companies that are similar to their own organization to drive synergies. However, this has changed; today, technology is the number one driver for merger & acquisition (M&A) deals. Companies are acquiring others to pursue technology assets or digital strategies they do not possess themselves and to keep them away from competitors. For startups, this provides a unique opportunity since being acquired is one of the most favorable exit strategies.

Daniel Lender, CFO of QAD presents at MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast of California

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