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Perception & Reality: Using Altered Perception to Create Healthier Reality

Perception & Reality: Using Altered Perception to Create Healthier Reality

Wed., February 19, 2020
Carrillo Recreation Center (NEW LOCATION!)
100 E Carrillo St
Santa Barbara, CA

The borders between perception and reality are increasingly blurred by pharmaceuticals and technology. Our brains process the signals we perceive, triggering immediate reactions and affecting long term wellness. Join us as we explore the use of psychedelics, altered reality, and virtual reality in changing perceptions to create healthy outcomes.


PAST EVENT: January 15, 2020

Identity: Free Press Meets the Bottom Line: Journalism’s Survival in an Age of Digital Disruption

An essential pillar of democracy, journalism is undergoing painful disruption. It faces attacks from without and pressures from within to connect with audiences and maintain profitability in a time of rising tribalism.

What does this mean for newsrooms?

What models are being explored to fund the journalism of the future?

How have audiences adapted to strategies like paywalls, advertising, freemium models or nonprofit journalism?

Which systems are proving most effective? How does this change the way reporting is done?

PAST EVENT: November 20, 2019

Identity: The Unfinished Gender Revolution

  • Does Gender still matter?
  • Can we achieve Diversity without Discrimination?
  • Is this a zero sum game, or does eliminating gender bias help everyone?
  • Is Gender Bias inherent, or is it simply institutional, and we just need to work harder at it?
  • Who decides someone‚Äôs gender, and what limits are there on a change of gender?

These issues are not merely academic. They are problems and opportunities for businesses, both with respect to their own human resources and also with respect to market opportunities.

What are innovative companies doing about it? Are there business opportunities if gender that is not binary, and not even spectral? Where is the Central Coast in the national debate?

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