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An Evening with Anant & Kevin Yardi

An Evening with Anant & Kevin Yardi

Wed., May 16, 2018
Rockwood, Santa Barbara Woman's Club
Santa Barbara, CA

Join us for an evening with Anant Yardi, President and Founder, and Kevin Yardi, Vice President, Client Services to learn about the company’s formation, challenges and thoughts about the future.



Sustainability: One of the biggest economic opportunities in the 21st C.

Wed., March 21, 2018 – Rockwood SB Woman’s Club – Guests spent an evening with Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist and Microsoft, and learned why sustainability is no longer just a moral argument made by tree huggers and environmentalist, but one that now has the full throated support and resources of major businesses aligned to solve this problem.  The enormous consequences of climate change and human activity are no longer theoretical, giving rise to an entire ecosystem of established companies and startups that collectively seek to solve or mitigate ramifications associated with water, drought, food, energy, and more.  In addition to Rob’s keynote talk, attendees participated with panelists Bruno Bertucci of UBS, Jessica Perkins of Apeel Sciences, and April Price of CES who discussed the local challenges that face us, and the emerging opportunities and initiatives some companies and organizations in town are already pursuing.


Nanotechnologies: How the very small is a making a very large impact, and why you should care!

Wed., February 21, 2018 – Rockwood SB Woman’s Club – Nanotechnologies aim to modify macroscopic properties through observation, control, and manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. It has begun to have profound implications for science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, computing and engineering. Santa Barbara is a hub for research and development of nanoscience including quantum computing. The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCSB serves as a national research and education center, and houses the CNSI Technology Incubator, created to promote technology translation and local economic development by providing physical lab space to technology-based startups.

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